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Broken in Brussels

When I received my wheelchair from my flight from Dublin to Brussels, it wouldn’t work.  I’m not completely sure what happened but it was working before the flight and it wasn’t after.  It might have been because my chair had the wrong battery, which would be my fault.  Or it might’ve been mishandled.  Employees from […]

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Rumblin in Dublin

Well, I have been in Europe for under 36 hours and have, along with my cameraman Mark, seen the highs and lows of Europe from a wheelchair.  During my layover at Heathrow Airport, they at first wouldn’t let both Mark and I travel in the cart they used to transfer people who are disabled.  However, […]

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The Journey Begins

This time last year, I was waving goodbye to my friends as they went to study abroad in Europe.  Now they’re all waving to me.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting these next few weeks for the past eight months.  The planning, the networking, the fundraising all come down to this.  I keep going back to when […]

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Know Your Rights for Flying

During my meeting at the State Department with Judy Huemann, special adviser for international disability rights, she mentioned the Air Carrier Access Act.  Even though this act is important for my ensuing trip to Europe, I was not aware of all the provisions.  Here is a link to the basics:

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Reality hits

I just skyped with a gentleman who lives in Paris and uses a wheelchair.   He is the head of an organization that is trying to cultivate a movement that resembles the one in Berkley, Ca. in the 1970s.  It really hits a soft spot to hear him describe how he has to remain conscience […]

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The Pregame

This week I had the first major freakout that seems all too familiar to college seniors:  what am I going to do in May?  After scrambling to tweek my resume and looking for e-”Now Hiring” signs, I realized just how important “Wheelchair Diaries”‘ is to me.  When I think about the trip in January and […]

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Metro Elevators

So one of my biggest pet peeves as a person who uses a wheelchair is the number of able-bodied people using the DC Metro elevators.  Their use of  the elevators holds up people who need them, such as people with disabilities, parents with young children and the elderly.  It’s  very frustrating when I have to […]

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